New feature — Case Study

Most of the currently available video streaming services don’t have the option to create playlists. Netflix has an option to add titles to “My list” as a “watch later” feature. However, users can’t organize it into named categories or add individual series episodes. Wouldn’t it be great to have a streaming list of all your favorite series episodes all in one place? Or make a selection of the best Western movies and then share on your social media or with your friends?

How might we make it possible for users to easily create, shuffle-play, and share curated playlists on Netflix?

New Dashboard Design — Case Study

Skoach is a chatbot applied to the HR sector, which, based on behavioral studies, creates automatic challenges in the form of games, to promote employee habits around feedback, autonomy, and leadership.

Curated Event Microsite — Case Study

Live events have existed for as long as humans have been communicating. For this week’s project, the brief challenged us to create a micro-website for one event of our choice, from festivals to exhibitions or fairs. Nowadays an event’s digital presence is as important as the event itself — it represents the more lasting testimonial of what happened during those days.

Local Business Responsive E-commerce — Case Study

Buying an engagement ring is a big decision and not just because of the cost. Whether you’re looking for value, a huge selection, or sheer luxury, emotions, and expectations play a big part in finding the perfect engagement ring.

This week brief came as a complementing of week 2. My team and I designed an e-commerce for a small local jewelry business going all the way to a mid-fidelity prototype. Now, it was time to take it to the next level finishing the challenge with a fully designed website and mobile high-fidelity prototypes.



  • Design a responsive e-commerce based on…

From in-person to online

This week brief came from a fictional educational company that currently offers in-person courses for adults of languages, music, yoga, cooking, and first-aid. Their main attraction is workshop camps that integrate classes, outdoor activities, technology, humor, games, and other cool stuff to their mission of teaching people additional skills. Our main challenge was to design an engaging online experience for people who cannot attend the workshop camp.


  • creating an online learning platform that will transform the in-person learning experience into a 100% digital experience for adults

Teamwork makes the dreamwork: The mixed bag of nuts

Education in Pandemic Times — Case Study

Extreme situations demand extreme challenges. Wicked problems require a deep understanding of all people involved, and an innovative approach to find possible solution. The thinking process has to change from linear to circular. But thank God we’ve got the power provided by Design Thinking. In this Case Study, I’m going to describe the process me and my team went through to create a possible solution for the struggles students are facing with the change in the educational format: from physical to virtual.

  • Identify the struggles students are facing with remote study
  • Find a possible solution for a main pain point…

Usability Evaluation & Site Redesign (World Traveler) — Case Study


“Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” — Ibn Battuta

Planning a trip is not always an easy mission, but thanks to the internet, some platforms can help all the world travelers with it. For our 3rd Challenge, we were asked to improve this experience by redesigning one of these platforms.

Design in Daily Life (Best & Worst UX experiences)

For the 3rd exercise, we were asked to be in the user shoes and analyze some of our best and worse experiences with different products and/or services (physical and digital).

  • Start applying the Design Principles to my daily routine
  • Analyze in detail what it makes a good and bad user experience
  • Think out of the box and review critically the design of my daily environment

At first, it wasn’t that easy to think about 3 top best and worse experiences of my life. …

Wireframing (Reverse Engineer)

The Reverse Engineer is a great exercise for understanding how the wireframing and prototyping process works. By reversing the process you can extract knowledge about hoe the design and architecture of an APP was developed, for example. For our second challenge, we were asked to choose an APP and wireframe the task flow for a specific task based on a prototype or screenshots from the APP.

I’ve chosen the same APP used for the previous exercise, Duolingo.

Design Practice (Interface copy)

Entering the UI topic from prework, the second exercise consisted of “mimicking” a few screens from an APP’s of our choice using one of the 3 presented software (Sketch, Adobe XD or Figma). I’ve decided by using Figma, in the beginning, because I found it easy to navigate, very complete and you don’t need to download anything to your computer.

The APP I’ve chosen was Duolingo. I really like this APP because of its simplicity and easy navigation.

image from:

I’ve started by choosing a few starter screens to screenshot from my cellphone. I’ve chosen 5 screens in a roll so I…

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